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Vinci Facilities Large Property Managers How to reduce your carbon footprint and improve the QWL of your teams?

Reducing employee commuting time: the job swap solution

Use Case:
Job exchange
Company: Vinci Facilities Grands Property Managers
Number of employees: 143


Vinci Facilities Grands Property Managers is a company specialized in facility management. It has 143 employees, including 100 technicians, who work daily on the operation of 33 sites in the Paris region.

Its 143 employees live in the Île-de-France region and nearby departments. Some of their employees, especially the technicians, have similar technical skills. They often make long daily journeys because their place of employment is located far from their home.

Long commutes have a real impact on the quality of life of employees (stress, fatigue, reduced productivity, etc.), and on their purchasing power (travel costs).
Testimony of Vinci Facilites Grands Property Managers

"One of the conclusions of a social barometer survey of the company in 2020 was that the QWL of our employees deserved to be improved. Among the actions we launched, working on the travel time of our employees was one of our commitments.

I then met Jean-Baptiste Chesneau, founder of Maplab, who presented his solution to me.
The first analyses were well received and satisfactory.

The evolution and adaptation of this solution to our sector of activity has allowed us to obtain very interesting results over time and today, I am happy to continue our partnership which is still evolving:
- Solutions found for some employees who have saved travel time
- Employees who know that we are concerned about this issue
- Customers who also appreciate this concern of the company to have more efficient teams because they spend less time on the home-work journey
- An evolution of the use of Maplab towards an analysis of CO2 emissions to calculate the carbon footprint of all our employees"

Jérôme ROUZE - Company Manager Vinci Facilities Grands Property Managers


Vinci Facilities Grands Property Managers has strong ambitions in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The company wishes to use the lever of daily travel to improve the QWL of its employees and reduce its carbon emissions.

The company is considering 2 avenues of reflection:
- Reduce employee commuting times by offering them a workplace closer to their home
- Electrify the vehicle fleet

This raises 2 problems:
- What distribution of workplaces should be proposed when each site requires very specific skills?
- Will employees be able to recharge their electric vehicles at home, knowing that the majority of them live in homes without dedicated equipment?


Project yourself into the future and define your roadmap

To validate the relevance of these courses of action, Maplab was able to:
1- Simulate the travel time from each home to each workplace
2- Determine the optimal assignment of teams (maximum reduction of travel time between home and work while respecting the needs in skills for each site).

In addition, Maplab simulates the additional benefits associated with an electrification of the Vinci Facilities Grands Property Managers' vehicle fleet.

These actions would allow the company to :
Reduce their annual carbon footprint by 77%.
Reduce average daily commute time by 30 minutes
Reduce their annual travel costs by 20%.


A major challenge remains: implementing such an objective. To be operational in its change, the Maplab platform brings benefits: 
For Vinci Facilities Grands Property Managers
To identify the public charging stations closest to each employee's home.
- To show each employee the benefits of moving to a site closer to home.
- To have a tool to discuss mobility with employees during the annual mandatory negotiations (NAO)(cf. The Mobility Orientation Law).
- Identify the key players to electrify its fleet and the steps to follow to achieve this through a dedicated action sheet.
- Measure improvements in terms of QWL and CSR.
For employees:
Increase their purchasing power by reducing the cost of commuting to and from work
- Improve their quality of life at work through a better work/life balance: change jobs with equal skills to reduce individual commuting time

Beyond this internal use, it is also a tool to stand out during calls for tender. Indeed, Vinci Facilities Grands Property Managers can now value the consideration given by a client to the impact of the travel time of the employees who will be assigned to the maintenance of a new site.
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