Looking for new office space?

Start by finding the ideal location!

Find THE best option for your office

Business office
Are you looking for a new office that optimizes your employees' travel time and CO2 emissions? 
You reduce the m2 of your headquarters by creating spaces on the outskirts.
You want to involve your teams? 
You are in the middle of an environmental approach?
Are you looking for a location that limits the use of cars?
Happy employees
Choose a sustainable and attractive location!
Find the locations that benefit everyone!
Identify areas accessible only by bicycle or public transportation.

Increase efficiency by visualizing the commuting times of your employees throughout the country!

Don't just compare a few addresses, view the travel times of employees throughout the country!

And now how to do it? 

Load your employees' data
From a simple HR file
Data to be provided to Maplab:
→ The employee's home address and mode of transportation
→ Personal data: benefit from our RGPD support
→ Want detailed analyses? Define groups of employees: executives/non-executives, professions, departments, etc. and apply filters
HR file for the move
Find the perfect location for your businessIdeal travel time for your employees
Let us calculate your commuting time
For each point of the territory, Maplab calculates an average travel time from the home of each employee, taking into account their individual mode of transportation.

If you want to calculate the average travel time according to the travel costs and the carbon footprint, it is also possible!
Visualize the ideal area(s) to locate your offices.
Maplab mapping allows you to identify the ideal location at a glance, based on your employees' commuting times.
→ Compare multiple scenarios
→ Optimize all travel times
Find the ideal location for your business.
CollaboratorCO2 impact of your company
Looking for a sustainable transition?
Find the ideal area that will reduce the carbon footprint of your employees' commute.
Project yourself!
Identify the services available near your future site: shops, restaurants, doctors, etc...
And meet the daily needs of your employees

(Feature under development)
Discover the perfect place to move your business to in an ideal neighborhood.

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