The recovery plan supports SMEs in their ecological transition.

Claire Nghiêm | 10 June 2021
Good news!

The mobility plan is 80% subsidised thanks to ADME grants.
Are you an SME with 100 to 200 employees? Then count on only €1000 to €2000 and you will be able to completely rethink the mobility of your employees.

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Rethink mobility with the Mobility Green Pack in partnership with Eiver and Mobeelity

Sami Chaudoit | 24 May 2021
The Mobility Green Pack gives you access to a platform that will map out all your mobility-related issues to find the right solutions.

We work hand in hand with our partners and put our expertise at the heart of your project so that you get results in just 90 days🗓

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How to encourage the use of bicycles in companies? 🚲

Sami Chaudoit | 10 May 2021
Do you want to see more staff using bikes for travel?

We've come up with the best tips to encourage velotaff and fully integrate it into your employees' travel alternatives.👍

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Maplab is the winner of the Committed Innovation Award!🏆

Marina Cotonnet | 25 November 2020
On Thursday 17th November, the "virtual" award ceremony of the Trophées Lumière de l'Entrepreneuriat took place 🚀 organised with PEPITE PON of Paris Nanterre University. Maplab received the first prize of the Innovation Engaged Trophy!🥇A big thank you for this great opportunity within the I-Engage incubator.

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Maplab at Wavestone

Marina Cotonnet | 21 October 2020
We were lucky enough to be interviewed by the Wavestone team!
A great opportunity to describe our offer and to discuss the major challenges of tomorrow's mobility.

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European Mobility Week

Marina Cotonnet | 15 September 2020
From Wednesday, the European Mobility Week 2020 edition will start!
For its 19th edition, it will be dedicated to the...

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Citizens' Convention - 4th deciphering
The proposals that will influence the management of the company

Jean-Baptiste Chesneau | 17 July 2020
A large part of the proposals of the Citizens' Convention in relation to mobility are directly addressed to the citizens...

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Citizens' Convention - 3rd Decoding
Acting on the mobility of companies and administrations

Jean-Baptiste Chesneau | 15 July 2020
Since 1 January 2018 all sites with more than 100 employees and located in a covered area...

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Citizens' Convention - 2nd deciphering
Reducing car use

Jean Baptiste Chesneau 13 July 2020
Reducing the share of the car as an individual mode of transport is undoubtedly the main lever identified by the Citizens' Convention...

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Citizens' Convention - 1st Decoding
Tracking carbon impacts, conditioning funding.

Estefanía Alfonzo Marrero | 10 July 2020
As promised, in this second article we look back at the family's proposals: 'Tracking the impact of emissions,...

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Citizens' Convention
Proposals for company mobility

Estefanía Alfonzo Marrero | 9 July 2020
Offering virtuous mobility for the environment and the quality of life of employees is the main...

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Understanding telework in times of crisis

Jean-Baptiste Chesneau | 16 June 2020
The introduction of teleworking as a result of containment has had a major and mechanical impact on our mobilities...

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Break out of containment with our new tool 🙌

Jean-Baptiste Chesneau | 12 May 2020
Test your mobility potential:
- at 100 km
- at 10, 20, 30, ... 60 min by bike

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What the pandemic crisis could mean for our mobility

Jean-Baptiste Chesneau | 1 May 2020
Before the crisis, a few still weak signals showed a paradigm shift in our practice of mobility...

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