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Tram and Bike
40 entreprises et collectivités locales ont réinventé leur mobilité avec Maplab
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Impacts of commuting

working days¹
tons of CO2³.
We understood your needs

Répondre aux  besoins des dirigeants RSE, RH et immobiliers

Human Resources Director.
Human Resources Director
des salariés sont prêts à changer d’emploi pour se rapprocher de leur domicile.
Source : HelloWork

Retenir ses salariés
CSR Director & Mobility Managers
CSR & Mobility Manager
des émissions de CO2 sont liées aux transports.
Source : CITEPA, rapport Secten 2020

Réussir la transition
L'immobilier :
source de dépenses pour l’entreprise

Réduire ses coûts
Real Estate Director
Real Estate Director
des salariés pensent que la QVT dépend de
équilibre vie pro / perso.
Source : Enquête BVA

Marque employeur
QHSE & QWL Director
Une solution pour une multitude d'applications

Plan de mobilité, stratégies immobilières, NAO, … Maplab s’adapte à vos situations et vos besoins

Search for new offices
Find the ideal location for your offices
Identify the ideal location(s) to implement your offices across the territory based on employees commuting patterns.
Discover "Ideal place" ?
Company relocation
Company relocation
Measure the impacts of a relocation on employees' commutes (time, costs, carbon footprint and health).
Discover "Implementation" ->
Opening of branch offices
Identify the ideal locations for branch offices and measure the commuting benefits for employees.
Read the article ->
Mobility Plan
Employer Mobility Plan (EMP)
With the EMP, provide your employees low-carbon mobility that improves everyone's daily life.
Simply include the mobility component in your wage negotiations.
Discover the EMP ?
Tram and Bike
Soft mobility
Encourage cycling, walking, public transport, etc. Reduce transport costs and protect the health of your employees.
Office and teleworking
Transition to flex-office
Teleworking rhythm at home, in third places: define the optimal strategy to avoid any over-occupation of your offices.
Flex work
Working from home / in third places
Optimise your work organisation according to your employees' needs: teamwork, work/life balance, good working conditions.
Change of posts
Job swapping to bring employees closer to home.
Identify jobs with equal skills and swap locations to reduce commuting times.
Working time
Working hours
Adapt the working hours of your teams to avoid peak hours by adapting to their constraints.
Des outils complémentaires pour avancer efficament

Associer l'intelligence de la donnée et du collectif au profit d'une mobilité durable

Diagnostic mobilité sur le CO2, le pouvoir d’achat, les temps de trajet et la santé
Application pour embarquer les collaborateurs
Simulation d’une stratégie optimale (nouveaux bureaux, échanges de postes, horaires, usage du vélo …)
Mesure des objectifs (CO2, QVT) et définition du plan d’action

Un logiciel data-analyse pour imaginer la mobilité de demain ...

Découvrir la plateforme ->
Fresque de la mobilité pour sensibiliser les collaborateurs
Echanges collaboratifs pour "challenger" les résultats issus de la data-analyse
Ateliers de cocréation pour enrichir et valider le plan d’action

... Des ateliers d’intelligence collective pour la rendre possible !

The benefits of a change in mobility

Companies, employees, take advantage of the benefits of virtuous mobility!

For your company
Keep your teams!
Reduce your land holdings
Lower mileage costs
A responsible and controlled carbon footprint
Sick leave
Less absenteeism
More involvement in the company
For your employees
Better work/life balance
Increased purchasing power
More free time
Reduction of psychosocial and cardiovascular risks
Fewer commuting accidents
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Grâce à Maplab, nous avons pu avoir une meilleure vision de la mobilité au sein de notre cabinet et proposer à nos salariés des solutions alternatives pour améliorer leur quotidien.
A2C x Maplab
- Agathe Saint-Jean
Partner A2Consulting
L'équipe Maplab s'adapte aux enjeux et besoins de ses clients [...] proposant ainsi un véritable accompagnement dans l'exploitation des données. Elle fait également preuve d'une grande disponibilité.
- Cyrielle Delcourt-Marois
Head of General Affairs and Property
Vinci Facilities
L'évolution et l'adaptation de cette solution à notre secteur d’activité ont permis d’avoir au fil du temps des résultats très intéressants
[...] - Des solutions trouvées pour certains collaborateurs qui ont
gagné du temps de trajet- Des clients qui apprécient aussi cette préoccupation de l’entreprise pour leurs équipes
— Jérôme Rouze
Chef d’entreprise Vinci Facilities Grands Property Managers
40 entreprises et collectivités locales ont réinventé leur mobilité avec Maplab
MatmutLe Mans MétropoleAction LogementVinci FacilitiesAccorAllibert TrekkingEngieCogévieBritish Telecom

Maplab, the answer to your questions:

My company is growing rapidly but our offices can no longer accommodate new employees. What can I do?
Telecommuting, choosing a new location, renting space in third-party locations, adjusting schedules: there are a multitude of solutions to meet this challenge. We can help you find the best configuration to meet your constraints (property prices, teamwork, etc.), your objectives (proximity to recruitment pools, carbon footprint of travel) while integrating the quality of life of your employees (travel time, travel costs, health and safety)

→ Our article:
Teleworking, flex-office, third places, etc... how will we work tomorrow? (content in French)

Find out more about the platform:
Maplab Pro - Choice of location
Maplab Pro - The Platform
I am looking for a new office location. What should I do?
We offer you the possibility of measuring the average access time of each of your employees' home-work journeys to each point in the territory in order to identify the most relevant locations for your business. To be sustainable, the choice of a future location must be able to integrate the future impacts in terms of carbon footprint. Maplab proposes to map the entire territory according to the CO2 emissions that would be emitted by commuting. And to take the process to the next level, our module can also identify real estates on the territory.

Not sure which site to choose? Have a look at the next section!
I want to move my company and am hesitating between several sites. What should I do?
We offer you to compare each site by measuring the impact of your employees' commuting on: their travel time, their costs, the carbon footprint, the effects on health. A detailed analysis that takes into account the constraints of each individual (dropping children off at school, assignment at a client, part-time work, staggered hours, etc.) for each day of the week.

→ To find out more:
Maplab Pro - Choosing a location
We have undertaken a low-carbon strategy in our company and would like to act on employee mobility.
How do we go about it?
We suggest that you set up a mobility plan. Diagnosis, analysis and action plan.

→To find out more about the mobility plan:
Maplab - Mobility plan the complete guide
We want to set up a mobility plan in the company. How do we start?
The Maplab Pro platform has been developed on the basis of the Mobility Plan methodological framework in order to enable each company to implement it simply and quickly. A tool designed to save you time and help you make the right decisions.

→To find out all about the mobility plan:
Maplab - Mobility Plan the complete guide
The LOM law obliges all companies to include the mobility aspect in their annual discussions. How can Maplab help me in this process?
Thanks to our tool, you will be able to discuss your employees' mobility objectively with them! Maplab Pro will allow you to measure and discuss together the benefits and drawbacks associated with different mobility solutions: use of bicycles, public transport, change of workplace, new schedules, etc.
We are a multi-site company with jobs that have equivalent skills. How can I reduce my employees' commuting time?
→ Swap jobs with equivalent skills to bring employees closer to home!

2 possible options:

Identify the possible "matches"
With our tool you can identify for each of your employees:
- The sites where the job exchange is possible and beneficial to both employees
- The benefits associated with this job exchange in terms of:
- Travel time
- Travel costs
- Carbon footprint
- Risk of sedentary lifestyle

Simulate a large exchange
Maplab Pro allows you to simulate the optimal distribution of employees according to their travel time. We propose to carry out this exercise by integrating the constraints of skills and professions for each site. Measure the potential benefits of such an operation at the company level.
How can I implement the Sustainable Mobility Package (SMP) in my company?
Before implementing it, there are a few key steps to take to ensure that it best benefits the employees.

First, it is necessary to identify the employees likely to use the Sustainable Mobility Package, and the associated modes of transport.

In order to do so, we are able to collect the opinions of your employees using a questionnaire implemented on our application and customised to your company's needs.

Then, we can diagnose the situation of each one, and make simulations in order to estimate the cost of a Sustainable Mobility Package and to see the potential benefits for your company.
to manage your employees' mobility.
Choice of location
to find the ideal place to work.

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The results of the simulation correspond to travel by car.
They have been estimated by Maplab from the following values:
1. National median distance to work: 14.6 km (Source: INSEE)
2. Cost per kilometre: 0.52€/km (Source: Barème kilométrique)
. CO2 emissions/km for an 8-year-old vehicle: 0.124 Kg/km (Source: Ademe)
4. Number of days worked / year: 220
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