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Companies will love your territory.

A tool for local authorities to promote the attractiveness of your territory to businesses.
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Boost your attractiveness

The location of companies is a determining factor for the dynamism of your territories. Attracting new players is a major challenge for local authorities: environment, transport accessibility, quality of life, economic ecosystem, etc. How can you promote your territory to companies?

With Maplab, reveal and boost your territory! A solution that highlights all your economic, social and environmental assets to encourage new business locations. 

Regions, agglomerations, town halls:
Promote the advantages of your community.
Attract new citizens, new companies.

An all-in-one platform to project yourself on your territory and imagine the life that goes with it.
Mobility simulator
Economic ecosystem
Real estate opportunities
Quality of life
Future of the territory

South Valley, promotion of the territory with Maplab

Vallée Sud Grand Paris Logo
"Maplab territoire is an innovative, efficient and indispensable mapping tool for connecting companies with the territory."
Vallée Sud Grand Paris - Olivier Mussard
- Olivier Mussard
Vallée Sud / Grand Paris
Territorial Attractiveness Officer

Mobility simulator

The value of your territory does not stop at its borders! With our mobility simulator, visualise the cities and regions that can be reached in 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, ... for each mode of transport. An essential tool to measure the interaction potential of your territory.
Travelling from Paris to Marseille

Quality of life

Setting up a business also means imagining the daily life that goes with it. Promote the hospitality of your community and display the shops, restaurants, green spaces, cinemas, theatres...


Air quality, heat islands, noise pollution... determine the quality of life of residents and employees. Illustrate the good results of your territory with an ergonomic map.

Economic ecosystem

Recruitment areas, jobs, research centres, large companies, administrations, etc. Promote your economic assets to companies.
Maplab Territory - Economic ecosystem

Real estate opportunities

Rental value prices, real estate offers, coworking spaces, major real estate projects, ... Suggest the best options for setting up in your territory.
Regional travel

Future of the territory

Your territory is changing: new real estate projects, new transport lines, new infrastructures. Show businesses the future of your community!
A solution adapted to your needs
Benefit from our solution in the form of an internal tool or a web page open to the public. The tool has been developed to adapt to the needs and specificities of your territory.
A tool for your agents
The solution has been developed to make it easier for companies to get in touch with your agents.
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