The all-in-one platform for managing your employees' mobility.

Reinvent your commute to work.

Improve the daily life of your employees.

Control your environmental impact

Reinvent your mobility in 3 steps
Visualise & Evaluate
the mobility of your teams
Test & Act
the levers of change
all your employees
View & Evaluate
your employees' mobility in the blink of an eye with a simple and ergonomic interface.
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Test & Act
Find the optimal solutions and take concrete action on the mobility of your employees. 
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Get involved
your employees directly via a dedicated application. Survey the needs, submit proposals and allow each employee to become an actor of his mobility.
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Commuting to work
Are you moving, changing your mode of transport, your working hours? Update this information directly.
Measure the effects of your travel on travel times, your purchasing power, your carbon footprint and your health.
Data control
Do you want your data to remain anonymous to your employer?
A simple click and they will no longer have access to your information. Your data will only be used for global company statistics.
Respond to surveys, make your needs known
The ideal tool to answer the company's questions, share its difficulties, needs and proposals.
Actions taken by the company
Mobility package, coworking space, bicycle parking... Identify all the actions taken by your employer to make your mobility more virtuous for the environment and your quality of life.
Measure the effects of your travel on travel times, your purchasing power, your carbon footprint and your health.

24 hours to get into the race for change!

Import of HR data
Access the platform, the collaborator app... Diagnose, test.
Take action with our partners.
Measure the impacts
Last but not least

Comply with the law!

The sustainable mobility plan is an obligation for companies with more than 100 employees located in an area subject to an urban travel plan.

Since 1 January 2020, the LOM law has obliged companies with more than 50 employees to include the mobility component in the NAO.

With the Maplab platform, generate your mobility plan and comply with the regulations in one click.

Compliance with the RGPD

The platform complies with current regulations on personal data and can be configured in "private cloud" or "on premise" mode.

Maplab Advisor

Experts at your disposal to give you the best advice on your actions.
Choice of location
to find the ideal place to work.
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