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The Employer Mobility Plan, an opportunity to measure and diagnose mobility in the company

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Maplab offers its expertise and its maplab pro solution to enlighten you in your work organization and your employees' mobility.
A tool to make a success of your mobility plan, your choices of relocation and location, the management of telecommuting at home and in third places, your carbon footprint, ...

🎯 The objective? To give you the keys to achieve the objectives of your CSR strategy and improve the quality of life of your teams.

Use Case: PDM
Company: MyPartner
Number of employees: 85


MyPartner is a fictitious company with 85 employees that wishes to implement an Employer Mobility Plan as part of its CSR strategy.
What is an Employer Mobility Plan?
Employer Mobility Plan (or EMMP) aims to put in place very concrete measures to make commuting to and from work more virtuous: promotion of softer alternatives to the private car, implementation of a new work organization with telecommuting, flexible working hours, etc... Beyond its legal nature, it constitutes a methodological framework to support companies towards a more virtuous mobility.

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After conducting its carbon footprint for the previous year, MyPartner realized that the mobility of its employees represented nearly 50% of its current CO2 emissions.


For MyPartner, taking action on commuting through an Employer Mobility Plan seems to be the most relevant solution to reduce its impact on the environment, and to meet its CSR strategy.

To achieve this, the company wishes to involve all of its stakeholders (its employees, managers, etc.), to find out their levers and obstacles to change, and to give them the opportunity to propose solutions adapted to their needs. Indeed, MyPartner considers that they are the first to be affected by a mobility plan and the success of the project depends mainly on their contribution.

It is for these reasons that the company decided to work with Maplab in order to be advised and accompanied in its project.


MyCompany wants to reduce its carbon footprint while improving the quality of life of its employees and attract new talent.


1- Diagnosis of travel

Maplab will collect data in two different ways, in order to have a relevant diagnosis for the rest of the project:
- From an HR file in MyPartner
- From a survey via the My MaplabPro application with the company's employees
1- Diagnosis of travel
Generic study:
From a simple HR file, Maplab will measure the impacts of commuting on:
- Travel time
- Travel costs
- Carbon footprint
- Health through calories burned to measure the risk of sedentary lifestyle

After this initial analysis, MyPartner wanted to know more about the mobility of its employees and to include them in the process.

Maplab offers each employee the opportunity to provide detailed information on their journeys over a typical week, through its mobile application My MaplabPro.
The application involves all the company's employees. They can fill in their own commutes and answer a questionnaire. This questionnaire, in addition to the information collected through the HR file, allows the company to survey the feelings of its teams and to highlight the levers and obstacles to changes in mobility.

This questionnaire can be created by the company or with Maplab in order to best adapt to the company's context. The answers collected can enrich the diagnosis and allow Maplab to propose an action plan adapted to the company and its employees.

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This is an essential task that allows us to define the areas to be developed in the action plan.
2- Define the objectives and simulate the impacts of an action plan
Thanks to the results of the previous survey and diagnosis, Maplab was able to take into account the opinions of employees to propose alternatives.
10 employees want to switch from car to bicycle
7 employees would like to change the schedule to avoid peak hours
5 employees want to carpool
50 employees want 2 days of telework per week
7 employees would like to work in a coworking space close to their home
Maplab measures the benefits of this new organization by simulating the new uses reported by the survey. A policy which, if implemented, would allow for a significant reduction in carbon emissions while improving the QWL of employees. The results of this simulation show that:

3- Define an action plan

Given the context and the results of the survey and the company's objectives, Maplab and MyPartner determined several actions to be implemented:
Create parking spaces,
- Purchase a bike shelter and a fleet of self-service bicycles
- Offer safety equipment: helmet, yellow vest, lights...
- Safety training
- Repair workshops
- Integration of an existing carpooling application

- Communication and awareness campaign on the benefits of carpooling
Reimbursement of expenses incurred by the employee: supplies, furniture, computer ... up to 300 €,
- Mission of change management to support managers and employees in the management of remote work (coaching, workshops ...)
- Subscription to sports lessons by an online coach
Work schedules:
Implementation of a collective intelligence workshop to rethink the schedules of certain employees according to the company's constraints
Sustainable Mobility Package:
- Allows you to finance the costs of carpooling and the purchase of bicycles up to €500 per year and per employee

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Coworking :
Coworking "test" created in Fontainebleau hosting 3 days / week 7 employees living far from Parisian offices


For the company:
Increased productivity (less sick leave, less tired and stressed employees, etc.)
- Boost of the employer brand
- Calmed social climate
- Employee commitment
For employees:
Better work/life balance (less commuting time)
- Well-being at work (less stress related to daily transportation, more time to take care of oneself, etc.)
- Increased purchasing power
For the environment:
- Reduction of the annual carbon footprint

- Contribution to better air quality
- Consistency with the company's CSR strategy
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